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May 7, 2019

Traveling with small children is the ultimate adventure.
The bags. The bottles. The bedding.
What won't we do for our kids?
Like that time I jumped off a plane.... 

Apr 18, 2019

So what do you know about the rodeo?  

Do you think it's just a place to watch cowboys go flying into the dirt?

Would it surprise you to learn the rodeo has a spiritual side as well?

Trust me Pardner, it does.

I saw that spirit at work, just inches away from a raging bull.  

Mar 21, 2019

Aren't we all looking for that perfect place to settle down?

Where the grass is literally greener?

Well what could be greener than Portland, Oregon

So Kris and I decided to take a vacation. 

Come along for the ride - it'll just be the three of us!

Mar 7, 2019

Is this really happening?

Have I lost my grip on reality?

I can't find my cameraman.

And there's a helicopter waiting...

hovering 100 feet above us.

And Maria Shriver sits nearby, 

in a low-rider, putting on her makeup.

But the craziest part is, this isn't a dream. Unfortunately. 

Feb 12, 2019

Scotch coolers, PF Flyers, plastic fishing rods and Brownie cameras.

This can only mean one thing:

Mid-century family vacation!
Were you there?

Or would you like a peek?

Come on, let’s take a drive back in time.

That is, until the car breaks down.